Define Education as a Process and Product B.Ed Notes

Main Aims of Education Sociological Foundation of Education B.Ed M.ED
Main Aims of Education Sociological Foundation of Education

The process is defined as a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs. These outputs then serve as input for the next stage until a known goal or result is reached. Education itself is a process of transformation; it is an enrichment of the human being with knowledge and skills.

The product can be defined as a result of processes and services. The product achieved by the school is called an “educational product” and consists of key components that contribute decisively to the quality of education provided by the organization. The most important key components are:

Key Components

● The educational product provided by the teachers.

● The educational services comprise the delivery of educational development.

In an education system, every teacher may be seen as a “provider” of an educational product delivered to their pupils, the “consumers”. The most important educational product achieved by the teacher are:

Learned Skills by Teachers

● Knowledge and skills

● Communication skills

● Nonverbal skills

The students considered the consumers receive the educational product directly and immediately while interacting with the teachers. The output result from the educational process of interaction between the school and students is the educational product, which is provided by the school. The educational product provided by the school can be represented by:

● Study program

● Extra-curricular activities

● Training programs

Therefore, education as a process is defined as the learning process or acquisition of skills, knowledge, and values that involve discussions, learning, and training in a disciplinary program. While the outcome of the learning program is known to be the product of education.

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