Functions of Education towards (i) the individual, (ii) society (iii) nation(iv) & global

Functions of Education towards (i) the individual, (ii) society (iii) nation(iv) & global

As said by John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Education has become a necessity in every individual’s life. Education is an important tool in the growth and development of a person. Without education, one would not be the person they grow up to become. It helps one in adopting acceptable behaviour and understanding their role in the society. One brings positive changes in themselves and the society by the education they receive. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and the basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society. The values, beliefs, culture, religion, etc that have been followed since generations are transmitted to the next through education. 

Functions of Education

I). Individual 

i). Help in the overall development of a person i.e. physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

ii). Helping individuals in figuring their interests, strengths and weaknesses. 

iii). Making an individual self sufficient and self dependent.

iv). Help in the character formulation and strengthening the personality of an individual. 

v). Education helps one in recognizing his/her potential and using it to the maximum benefit. 

vi). Education makes individuals ready for the future and prepares them for what’s to come ahead. 

II). Society

i). Education is a powerful tool of social change. The necessary changes in the world are brought about through the existence of education. 

ii). Education helps in transmitting the knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, culture, religion, norms, and language followed from generations to the next.

iii). Education helps an individual in understanding their roles and responsibilities in the society. 

iv). Education sharpens the creativity power of humans which makes them innovative leading to invention of modern technologies and helping in the advancement of society.

v). Education helps to get rid of inequality, discrimination, injustice and poverty in society. 

vi). Education teaches to treat everyone equally and give equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex, religion, etc. 

III). Nation

i). Education helps an individual to understand their rights and duties as citizens of the country. 

ii). Education leads to more employment which improves the standard of living of a nation. 

iii). Promote patriotism and unity for the nation among the countrymen. 

iv). Education helps in strengthening national integration and promoting national progress. 

v). Education cultivates socialism, secularism and democracy among the citizens of the country. 

IV). Global

i). Education helps in valuing and understanding the culture, heritage, traditions, etc of their countries.

ii). Education is a powerful tool to bring changes in the world and help in global development. 

iii). Education helps in achieving peace, prosperity and harmony in the world. 

iv). Education helps in building friendly relations among nations and working together for a progressive world.

Hence, education is a powerful tool and is necessary in many ways in life.

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