Education as a Continuous Process & Reconstruction of Experiences

Main Aims of Education Sociological Foundation of Education B.Ed M.ED
Main Aims of Education Sociological Foundation of Education

J Dewey defines education as a process of living through a continuous reconstruction of experiences. It is a purpose, conscious or unconscious, psychological, sociological, scientific and philosophical process, which brings about the development of the individual to the fullest extent and also the maximum development of society in such a way that both enjoy maximum happiness and prosperity.

Characteristics of Education

The following are the special features of education:

● Education is a continuous process.

● It is knowledge or experience.

● It is a development of particular aspects of human personality.

Education as a Continuous Process

The process is defined as a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs. Education itself is a lifelong process of transformation, it is an enrichment of the human being with knowledge and skills. It begins with the birth of a child and ends with his death. It is a continuous process and is not limited to the classroom, it is also not limited to a particular period. Life is a continuous process of growth and development and so education is a continuous process.

Education as Reconstruction of Experiences

An individual learns through his experience which is acquired throughout his life. Education is not a collection of information. It is the acquisition of experiences through life in the social and natural environment. It includes all the knowledge and natural environment. It includes all the knowledge and experiences acquired during life through different sources of education. Therefore, education is the total of all the experiences that a child receives in school or outside of school. It is the process whereby a human being gradually adopts himself in various ways to his physical, social and spiritual environment.

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