What are the Current Emerging Trends in Teacher Education and Research Trends 

What are the Current Emerging Trends in Teacher Education and Research Trends?

Teacher education can be regarded as a continuous process and it is broad and comprehensive. W.H. Kilpatrick states,

“Teacher education encompasses teaching skills, sound pedagogical theory, and professional skills.”

“Teacher is the most important element in any educational program,”

the establishment of quality education is determined by the determination of a teacher.

Current Emerging Trends In Teacher Education 

Team Teaching

It refers to the teaching that involves putting two teachers in one classroom and hence, it is also known as co-teaching or collaborative team teaching. 

Individualized Instruction

This type of instructional method allows individuals to learn at their own pace and therefore, moves away from the traditional lecture method of teaching. 

Brain-based Teaching

It is a neuroscience research that displays how practicing a concept continuously creates strong pathways between neurons and delves into the power of the mind. 

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking has led to new ways of teaching such as developing problem solving skills through teamwork and encouraging students to ask more questions. 

Current Emerging Trends In Research Trends 

Social-Emotional Learning

It consists of a holistic process which enables trainees to acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to lead emotionally well-developed lives. It focuses on five core competencies which include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. 

Adaptive Learning

There is a diverse range of software solutions related to adaptive learning that have emerged in recent years . It uses technology to create a responsive, data-driven, and personalized learning environment for each pupil. 


George Simmens first proposed the idea of connectivism in 2004 as “a learning theory for the digital age”. It states that technology is moderating “what, how, and where we learn” through interlocked networks of information. 

Mindstates of Flow

In the modern age, educational researchers are thinking of ways to create moments of psychological absorption and deep focus which can enable individuals to be immersed in their learning. 


It refers to the way of, “harnessing the spirit of maximum compression and encouraging students to learn more efficiently.” 

A teacher education program is offered to address certain pedagogical issues and improve the quality of teaching in academic institutions. It elaborates on ideas regarding good teaching and includes the scope and content of course work and practical experiences

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