The term ‘in-service teacher education program’ refers to any program offered to teachers who are already working in schools. It is done with an objective to update and renew the knowledge, technical skills, etc., of teachers to enhance and maintain their teaching efficiency.  In-service teacher education is also regarded as the continuation of pre-service teacher education.

Importance of In-Service Teacher Education

The importance of in-service teacher education is as follows:

  1. A teacher is required to play different roles and each role requires a different set of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and the like. The same can be achieved through in-service teacher education.
  2. A teacher also needs to stay updated because there is a short supply of resources like teaching aids, research findings, and the like in many parts of the country.
  3. It enables the teachers to become better in their profession allowing them to practice the same with perfection.
  4. Education is a life-long process. Hence, one never stops learning therefore, in-service teacher education gives teachers more room for learning. 
  5. New ideas are always emerging and new methods of teaching are always being introduced. Hence, in-service teacher education allows teachers to remain aware of the same.

Objectives of In-Service Teacher Education

The objectives of in-service teacher education are as follows:

  1. To impart adequate knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. To equip the prospective teachers with all the necessary pedagogical skills and knowledge.
  3. To develop a proper attitude towards teaching among the teachers.
  4. To develop qualities of self-confidence and self-esteem among the teachers.
  5. To enable the teachers to gain a proper understanding of child psychology.
  6. To enable teachers to understand the individual differences among learners and the significance of the same.
  7. To take appropriate steps for the optimum development of learners.

The scope of teacher education is very vast and there is a lot of knowledge and skills one can gain through the same. Since teachers need to be oriented in various spheres of education, in-service teacher education is highly essential.