Types of In-Service Training for Teachers


The term ‘in-service teacher education programme’ refers to any program offered to teachers who are already working in schools. It is done with an objective to update and renew the knowledge, technical skills, etc., of teachers to enhance and maintain their teaching efficiency.  In-service teacher education is also regarded as the continuation of pre-service teacher education.

Objectives of In-Service Teacher Education

The main objectives of in-service teacher education are as follows:

  1. To impart adequate knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. To equip the prospective teachers with all the necessary pedagogical skills and knowledge.
  3. To develop a proper attitude towards teaching among the teachers.
  4. To develop qualities of self-confidence and self-esteem among the teachers.
  5. To enable the teachers to gain a proper understanding of child psychology.
  6. To enable teachers to understand the individual differences among learners and the significance of the same.
  7. To take appropriate steps for the optimum development of learners.

Types of In-Service Teacher Education

There are five main types of in-service teacher education which are as follows:

Pre-primary teacher education

There are various types of pre-primary teacher training courses such as Kindergarten, Pre-basic, Montessori, and the like. Higher secondary is the minimum qualification required for admission to the course and the duration is one year. It is usually conducted by the state government and some institutes may impart the training for a duration of two years.

Primary teacher education

The Five-Year Plans have led to the expansion of primary training courses to a large scale. The minimum qualification for the entrance of this test is matriculation and the duration of the course is two years. Presently, the minimum qualification of entrance is higher secondary.

Secondary Teacher Education

Graduate teachers are prepared by training colleges for teachers of secondary and higher secondary classes. It mainly stresses on the principles and methodology of teaching leading to a B.Ed degree. The course lasts for a duration of one year and the minimum entrance qualification is graduation.

Higher Education

In education, higher education is of four types which include a one-year M.Ed course, two-year M.A. in Education, two-year Ph.D. course after the completion of M.Ed or M.A. in Education, or a post-graduate Diploma in some field of education after B.Ed.

Vocational Teacher Training

To train teachers in technical subjects, specific training courses are organized. To prepare specialized teachers, there are various courses and institutions.

The scope of teacher education is very vast and there is a lot of knowledge and skills one can gain through the same. Since teachers need to be oriented in various spheres of education, in-service teacher education is highly essential. DPE, Music, Painting, Dance, Yoga, Physical Education courses, etc.