The term ‘in-service teacher education programme’ refers to any program offered to teachers who are already working in schools. It is done with an objective to update and renew the knowledge, technical skills, etc., of teachers to enhance and maintain their teaching efficiency.  In-service teacher education is also regarded as the continuation of pre-service teacher education.

Organization of In-Service Teacher Education Program

Induction Programme

It supports and provides proper guidance to the new teachers.

Cascade Model

It is a more centralized approach. It is provided to the section of teachers to pass on the information to the less experienced teachers.

One-shot Training Programs

It is a single workshop or course for a group of teachers. The whole course is completed in a few classes.

Modes of In-Service Teacher Programs

There are various modes of in-service teacher education which are as follows:


Small Group Discussion – The manner will be formal. The agenda of the topic of paper setting would be clear with the help of speaker and discussion. These discussions will foster deep learning, knowledge as well as clarity of agenda; cognitive abilities development, analytical skills, tolerance, etc.


The conference is organized among teachers which are conducted in limited time for fulfilling the tasks with the help of discussion. Its main focus is to solve the current problems through discussion.


The workshop is organized for 10 to 25 individuals who share a common problem. A workshop is conducted for developing skills to perform the tasks without any external assistance. The teachers have new practices with the changes in teaching scenarios. The problems are shared and resolved with the learning experience. The instructional needs are kept in mind while conducting workshops.


A symposium is a meeting of individuals of a specific field in which problems and themes are discussed in a sequential manner.

Panel Discussion

A Panel Discussion is a type of gathering in which a team of experts in a specific field with professional knowledge discusses views on a specific problem. In this mode of discussion, the panel answers the queries from the audience.

Auto-Instructional Methods

In this mode of learning, teachers gather literal information through reading literary works in a group which enhances their professional knowledge.

Summer and Winter Institutions

During Summer and Winter vacations, the teachers are provided with provisional and professional knowledge. The motif of this method is to refresh, refine and reevaluate the previous knowledge along with new challenges and pedagogical improvement.

Refresher Course

In the refresher course, the professional growth of in-service is refined and developed. In this course, new and updated knowledge is attained. It is introduced to discuss and gain knowledge about the latest educational plans, rules, and regulations implemented by the government through planning and training in-service teachers. There is no limitation of the time period for learning. It is planned for the overall changes in educational plans through documents.