Meaning, Concept, Need, and Scope of Teacher Education B.ED M.ED Notes

As Radhakrishnan stated about teachers,

“True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves”

Teachers are needed to be having best minds in order to provide the right guidance to the students. For that, teachers also need to keep learning through different programs known as teacher education programs. There have been many initiatives that are taken in order to provide education to the education.

Meaning of Teacher Education

National Council for Teacher Education is an educational program that is specially designed for those individuals who are willing to teach pre-primary to higher education levels.

The Goods Dictionary of education defined Teacher Education as

“all the formal and non-formal activities and experiences that help to qualify a person to assume responsibilities of a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibilities more effectively.”

W.H. Kilpatrick stated Teacher Education as

“Training is given to animals and circus performers, while education is to human beings.”

Concept of Teacher Education

Teacher education is an accumulated form of Teaching skills, Pedagogical theory, and Professional skills.

Teaching Skills will cover all the methods used to teach skills such as how to effectively use a variety of teaching methods, approaches, and strategies for planning instruction, providing appropriate reinforcement, conducting effective assessments, and providing feedback. It’s not only for teachers, teaching skills are for any manager or supervisor who wants to become a better leader and communicator.

The pedagogical theory involves the philosophical, sociological, and psychological considerations that are required for teachers to provide a strong foundation for teaching practices in their classrooms. There are four basic stages of theory, which are based on the needs and requirements that are characteristic of that stage.

The first stage is the theoretical stage, which involves a deep consideration of the pedagogical issues, and its goal is to determine what needs to be taught. The second stage is the practical stage, which involves the development of pedagogical ideas and materials, and its goal is to help teachers apply their ideas in their classrooms. The third stage is the reflective stage, which involves a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of their teaching, and its goal is to learn how to improve the quality of teaching.

Teaching Professional Skills include techniques, strategies, and approaches that are designed to work with people in a way that helps them to grow in the profession. A student would benefit from taking this class. It combines many skills that a young person needs, including soft skills, counseling skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, information retrieval and management skills, and learning to live a life. 

Need of Teacher Education

  • Teacher education is needed in the education field for the following reasons:
  • Teacher educatione is required to accomplish the teaching goals for better education of the nation.
  • In teaching environment, all the students should be taught equally so that the ultimate teaching goal can be accomplished which is provided by the teacher education.
  • It is requied to encorporate a good teaching vision among the amateur teachers.

Scope of Teacher Education

There are various scopes of teacher education in teaching profession which are as follows:

  • Through teacher education, the students of the teaching profession can learn certain skills to teach pre-primary, primary, elementary, and higher secondary levels. Thus, teacher education becomes a different course to be analyzed properly by amateur teachers.
  • Through teacher education, the courses can be separated and diversified according to the levels of the student education.
  • Teacher education can be related to various subjects such as humanities, art, science, philosophy, sociology, etc.
  • Teacher education paves a way for the analytical study of child psychology to be associated with the learning in the classroom with which teachers can develop a deep understanding of the behavior.
  • Teacher education can lay the foundation for sociological aspects related to child’s relationship with the environment and society which be studied closely by the teachers.

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