5 Important Roles and Functions of DIET and SCERT in Teacher Education

5 Important Roles and Functions of DIET and SCERT in Teacher Education

Teacher education can be regarded as a continuous process and it is broad and comprehensive. W.H. Kilpatrick states,

Teacher education encompasses teaching skills, sound pedagogical theory, and professional skills.”

“Teacher is the most important element in any educational program,” the establishment of quality education is determined by the determination of a teacher.

Roles and Functions of DIET in Teacher Education

The main roles and functions of DIET in teacher education are as follows: 

1. To design the training module according to the local needs. 

2. To provide training inputs to various personnels of the districts such as elementary school teachers, instructors and supervisors of adult education, heads of schools, members of District Education Council, social leaders, those who are involved in educational programmes, and the like. 

3. To provide educational resources, advice, and services to elementary schools and adult educational institutions at the district level. 

4. To conduct the surveys of trainer identified needs and teacher identified needs. 

5. To monitor the learning imparted in schools regularly and evolving mechanisms with local specific inputs.

Roles and Functions of SCERT in Teacher Education

The main roles and functions of SCERT are as follows:

1. To organise and execute the special educational projects funded by NCERT, UNICEF, and other agencies to acheive qualitative improvement of school education and teacher education.

2. To prescribed textbooks and curricula for the academic and teacher training institutions.

3. To faciliate instructional materials and resources for teacher educators. 

4. To facilitate in-service training for different categories of teachers. 

5. To organise various programmes for professional development of teachers.

6. To offer extension service to Teacher-Training Institutions at all state levels.

7. To conduct studies and investigations on different educational problems. 

The teachers are required to acquire adequate knowledge, skills, interest and the right attitude towards the teaching profession. Their work has been more complex regarding new theories of psychology, philosophy, sociology, modern media, and materials. Therefore teacher education is a program that enables the teachers to be well equipped for their profession

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