What are the 5 differences between Teacher Training and Teacher Education?

What are the 5 Differences Between Teacher Training and Teacher Education?

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“Teacher is the most important element in any educational program,” the establishment of quality education is determined by the determination of a teacher. The teachers are required to acquire adequate knowledge, skills, interest and the right attitude towards the teaching profession. Their work has been more complex regarding new theories of psychology, philosophy, sociology, modern media, and materials. Therefore teacher education is a program that enables the teachers to be well equipped for their profession.

Teacher education can be regarded as a continuous process and it is broad and comprehensive. According to the International Encyclopedia of teaching and teacher education (1987), the pre-service and in-service components of teacher education are complementary to each other. Teacher education refers to empowering learning platforms for the teachers for an efficient way of teaching.

Training and education have been correlated ever since when it comes to teaching. This is because there is an outstanding line between both. Teacher training is dissimilar to that of education as education refers to only learning, but training is the act of sharpening the pre-learned knowledge. Education and learning are indeed crucial parts of a human’s life. The teachers need to have an excellent command of the subject that they are supposed to teach. Teacher learning is impossible without active listening and participation, which is an essential part of training. Indeed, training and education both are essential parts of development as it refines the abilities and skills of a human, which improves their chances of bagging great career opportunities in the future.

The difference between teacher education and training is often misinterpreted because of their orientation and nature. There can be education without training, but no training without education. A teacher who has recently completed their education can be trained further to enhance efficiency with a set of skills and tasks, but a teacher’s training may not be given equal importance without abundant education in the field of education.

Main Differences between Teacher Training and Teacher Education

S. No.Teacher EducationTeacher Training
1.    The education for the teachers is theoretically oriented in terms of different subjects. They are taught about subjects and topics through books, lectures, research papers etc.On the other hand, the teachers’ training is practically oriented. There is not much theory involvement; instead, real-time application of all activities is made.
2.    Education helps the teachers learn wider and better about the subject, gain knowledge and wisdom, and understand the core concepts of the subject. When studying the subject, teachers come across specific doubts and confusions which can help them in the future, as their students may have similar doubts as well.Training helps the teachers enhance their pre-learned knowledge, understanding of tools and application of techniques, etc. There can be instances when the teachers come across situations where they may have to use unique, uncommon tools while teaching (these can be both electric and manual). Training helps them understand its usage very well and apply it to the required circumstance.
3.    Education is a long process that keeps going on for a very long time, and it takes years and years to learn and educate yourself to become a teacher. Teacher education is also a process that shall be accomplished after the completion of schooling. The teachers must gain various degrees to complete their education.Training, on the other hand, is a very short-term process and goes on for a span of 30 days to a maximum of a year. Training is a short-term activity involving learning and experiencing real-life work and environment. After the training completion, the teacher also has to join the institution, which is why the training period is kept short and effective.
4.    Education is a vast genre and involves learning with a wider perspective on broader areas.Teacher training is centered on the aim of the job and is only done for specific areas. The teacher is trained only to become a teacher, which restricts their learning to a considerable extent in other genres.
5.    Education is diverse and for all genres. At a time, if you are not qualifying with excellent grades, it would be fine because the learning process keeps going during teacher education.Training is a rigid and restricted task. This is because the teachers are trained to excel in all their tasks and excel in their abilities and attentiveness. If the teachers cannot perform well in training, it may also lead them to lose their job.
6.    Teacher education is not a time-bound process. There is no such deadline under which you must complete studying. You can study for years and years and still continue educating yourself. It is concerned with providing a vast set of knowledge to learners in general.Teacher training is a time-bound process, and you can not be training for ages and ages. Training must be strictly yet effectively accomplished in the given period. Exponentially talented professionals provide training for a defined set of activities to the trainee teachers.
Teacher Education Teacher Training 
7. Teacher education refers to knowledge about modes of learning and instruction.1. Teacher training refers to learning in real-life classroom situations. 
8. In teacher education, teachers are often mentors in their workplace who have the expertise to offer training in the field. 2. In teacher training, teacher trainees are trained to teach in academic institutions at different educational levels. 
9. Teaching enables one to impart ideas on existing knowledge. 3. In teacher education, new knowledge is given to the trainees for their professional development. 
10. Teacher education is a systematic process done to impart and acquire knowledge. 4. Teacher training is the process of learning something to gain a new skill or behavior. 
11. Teacher education is comparatively long-term and involves job experience. 5. Teacher training is comparatively short-term and involves classroom learning.

What is Teacher Training?

Training is nothing but the act of practicing the task while actually learning more about it. Training is a planned program that is aimed mainly at the knowledge and skill enhancement of the trainee teachers. Training is the act of learning and inculcating special skills that the teachers require to be effective in their jobs. These are certain professions that demand skills that cannot be gained only through books or journals. When they are in their training period, many metiers are taught to the teachers, such as how to evolve performance, competency, and productivity in an educational institution. Training always helps enforce all the job-related skills in the trainees so they can efficiently perform the tasks with immediate effectiveness.

  • Training is an act that includes the practical orientation of the tasks that the teacher may have to perform in the future.
  • Training includes teaching various acts and habits which would be beneficial for them when on the actual grounds of working.
  • Usually, because training takes place for only some days or weeks, it is done in distinctive areas.
  • Training has a very rigid approach which shall be systematically followed.
  •  It actively includes seminars, role plays, and simulations.
  • You always have a trainer when being trained for teaching.
  •  You can enhance your pre-learned knowledge when in training.

Different educational organizations provide different teacher training types, varying from job rotation, apprenticeship, and orientation to sensitivity training. When the teachers are in training, they are given an appropriate idea of what all they would be required to teach, what challenges they will face as teachers, etc. Different teaching institutions believe in different types of training based on the demands and requirements of various teachers. Training includes guiding, instructing, and imparting skills to trainee teachers for various purposes. Teaching is not for a specific purpose, whereas training is.

What is Teacher Education?

Teacher education naturally means gaining an insight into what teaching really looks like. Learning can be done in many ways like sitting in the classroom, acquiring knowledge about the subject, reading about the tasks, etc. Education for teachers is not only about training for teaching but also about consuming knowledge. Education involves learning about the beliefs, values, general concepts, principles, etc. It helps a person develop events, values, beliefs, principles, a sense of great reasoning, understanding, judgment, and an individual intellect.

While pursuing education for teaching, the teachers are taught about the subject and various techniques that they are supposed to use while teaching, along with all types of future challenges they may encounter. Education is not confined only to a classroom but also to the practical knowledge of a subject.

Teaching is a very challenging job because the teacher has to manage interacting with all types of students from time to time and provide homework help, which is why they mandatorily require good learning of the subject for dealing with all types of issues at all times. They are taught how to deal with the students, situations, and occasions in all types of conditions. Education also helps the teachers understand their role very well and interpret their responsibilities for the future.


Both teacher training and teacher education are essentially necessary. But the most important thing is that the teacher training starts after the completion of the teacher education. These two are often considered the same, but there is a difference in their level of learning and application. Both accomplishments are significant for a teacher, which is why none can be ignored. A teacher who is not abundantly educated may have no access to core concepts of the subject they are teaching. If they are not well trained, they may not be able to teach with sheer effectiveness, which is why they must be well trained to teach prominently.

Teacher is the most important element in any educational program,” the establishment of quality education is determined by the determination of a teacher. The teachers are required to acquire adequate knowledge, skills, interest and the right attitude towards the teaching profession. Their work has been more complex regarding new theories of psychology, philosophy, sociology, modern media and materials. Therefore teacher education is a program that enables the teachers to be well equipped for their profession.

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