Role of ICT and Teacher in 21st Century Teacher Education with Vision

Role of ICT and Teacher in 21st Century Teacher Education with Vision

ICT is the acronym of Information and Communication Technologies. It is a technological, engineering, and scientific discipline as well as a management technique used to handle information. It is also related to application of the information and its association with economic, cultural, and social matters. These days, ICT is used in the instructional process to make it more interesting and effective. A competent teacher is one who possesses several skills and techniques to facilitate successful teaching. To develop and increase the skills and competencies of teachers, the knowledge of ICT is required. 

In the modern age, the classroom environment is changing from the traditional one to a classroom environment that encourages two-way communication. It is not just the teachers who participate in the classroom discussion but the students as well. Education has become wholly child-centric and hence, teachers must be equipped with the skills to use certain tools and technologies. 

The role of ICT and teacher in 21st century teacher education are as follows: 

Swifter Communication

Since the modern education system encourages more student participation and requires the classroom to be highly interactive, ICT is needed because it facilitates swifter communication. 

Effective Implementation Of Certain Methodologies

In today’s teacher education, certain instructional methods are required to be used and for effective implementation of the same, ICT is required. 

Effective Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning has also become highly popular in today’s learning environment and to ensure the efficiency of the same, ICT is needed because it encourages the use of advanced technology. 

Presentation Of Ideas

ICT also makes the presentation of ideas better and smoother and it allows the same to be done by teachers in a more relevant and effective manner. 

Acquisition Of Information

Since it is the digital era, ICT enables learners to acquire more information efficiently and easily through the use of various appropriate digital tools. They can gain information from various reliable sources and increase their knowledge. 

Teachers can apply ICT in the instructional process by using it to teach all subjects. Through the use of technologies such as multimedia, application software, email communities, and the like, the same can be done efficiently. 

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