What Should be the Nature of Education in Adolescence

Adolescence Stage

Adolescence is a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. It starts around the age of 10 and ends around the age of 21. The word adolescence is derived from the Greek word ‘adolescere’ meaning ‘to grow to maturity’.

According to Kulhen, “Adolescence may be defined as the transition period between childhood and adulthood.”

Adolescence is viewed as a difficult period by many psychologists because of the various changes in the individual. Keeping this in mind, the nature of education during adolescence should be as follows.

Nature of Education in Adolescence

Emphasis on Mental Development

Adolescents have various interests, beliefs, and attitudes and therefore, the knowledge they acquire should be according to their interests to ensure proper mental development. They should be taught various subjects such as literature, science, geography, art, history, and more.

Life Philosophy

Adolescence is a period where individuals are curious and anxious about their future. Hence they need guidance and some slice of life philosophy. Hence this philosophy should be included in the school curriculum.

Co-curricular Activities

Individuals have various interests during adolescence. Hence, co-curricular activities such as drama, debate, dance competition, singing competition, sports, and the like should be organized to enhance their potential.

Sex Education

During adolescence, many individuals face problems with sex urge. In India, sex-related problems are still prevalent and therefore, it is important to impart sex education to adolescents.

Physical Education

There is rapid physical development during adolescence. Therefore, physical exercises must be included in the school curriculum through different games and sports.

Moral Education

Adolescence is a period when individuals start becoming conscious about their society and start developing moral beliefs. Hence, the birthdays of religious figures and personalities with good moral values should be celebrated.

Parents and Teachers Meeting

Parents and teachers must communicate at regular intervals to overcome educational problems and the learner’s personal problems.

Guidance and Counselling

There should be guidance and counseling centers in school so that the adolescents can receive proper guidance. Individual differences must be taken into consideration.


Adolescence is a period when emotions are heightened and therefore, creative assignments should be given to turn adolescents into responsible individuals.

Affectionate Behavior

Adolescence is a period of various rapid changes due to which adolescents may be feeling confused and facing an identity crisis. Therefore, teachers must possess affectionate behavior towards the students.

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