Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counselling refer to the process of aiding individuals to resolve their problems and difficulties. It is the process of helping individuals discover their potential and enhance the same to become responsible members of society and contribute to its welfare. Guidance and counselling are meant for all individuals. It does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of any social criteria which makes it universal. Mathewson viewed guidance and counselling to be both educational and developmental.

What are the Aims and Objectives of Guidance and Counselling in Schools

The aims and objectives of guidance and counselling are as follows:

Personal Development

Guidance and counselling aim to give individuals a better understanding of the self. It helps them recognize their abilities and potentialities and turn them into useful skills that can contribute to the welfare of society.

Vocational Assistance

Guidance and counselling enable individuals to choose their vocational interests which may seem baffling during some phases of life. Hence, guidance and counselling aim to help individuals find their interests, practice them, and progress in the same.

Realistic World View

Guidance and counselling aim to keep individuals grounded in the real world. It is important to stay in touch with reality despite one’s imagination running wild at times. Hence, proper guidance and counselling aim to keep individuals in touch with reality.

Inclusion of Real Life Experiences

Guidance and counselling aim to include real-life experiences to help the individuals understand the world around them and to help them adapt to it.

Decision Taking Ability

Guidance and counselling aim to enable individuals to make their own decisions.

Contribute to Society

Guidance and counselling aim to help individuals to contribute their best to society. It helps them become responsible members of society.

Overcome Difficulties

Guidance and counselling also aim to help individuals solve their problems and overcome their difficulties.