Role of School and Teacher in Guidance Program


Guidance is the aid and assistance given by an expert or supervisor to an individual in the form of advice to enable the individual to solve his or her problems and difficulties. Jones states, “To guide means to indicate, to point out, to show the way. It means more than to assist.” School is the building block of an individual’s development and teachers are the models that learners look up to. Hence, school and teachers play an important role in guidance.

The Importance of School and Teacher in Guidance

The importance of school and teacher in the guidance are as follows:


Teachers spend a lot of time with learners and they get to observe the learners’ behavior in the classroom. Teachers incorporate good habits and behavior among these learners and try to develop the learners into disciplined individuals.


Teachers also act as a guiding force for learners. Teachers motivate the learners to learn and progress in their life. They enable them to recognize and develop their abilities.

Positive Attitude

Teachers motivate learners to develop a positive attitude towards life. They create a positive learning atmosphere and environment for learners to develop in.

Resolving Problems

The relationship between a teacher and learner is based on respect. Due to this, learners can share their problems with their teachers and try to solve them.

Proper Decision

School helps individuals to learn and gain the knowledge they need to progress in their life. Through proper guidance, they develop the ability to make proper decisions for their educational and academic progress.

Professional Career

The subjects learners choose and study in their school allow them to deepen their knowledge and skills and seek professional advancement in the field.


School is the first place an individual is exposed to social interaction outside of their home. Due to this, schools and teachers guide learners to adjust to a new environment and adapt to changing environments as well. 


School and teachers are the backbones of guidance in a learner’s life. This is apt in the statement of Honarins who asserts,

“Guidance means helping John to see through himself in order that he may see himself through.”

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