Adolescence refers to the period during which a child turns into an adult. It is the period between childhood and adulthood. According to Steinberg,

“Adolescence is a dynamically evolving theoretical construct informed through physiologic, psychosocial, temporal and cultural lenses.”

Characteristics of Adolescence

The characteristics of the adolescence stage of development are as follows.

  1. Adolescence is a period of rapid biological and physical changes. These changes may leave the adolescents feeling confused.
  2. Adolescents go through a state of role confusion because adolescence is a period in which they can neither be termed a child nor an adult.
  3. During adolescence, adolescents start becoming conscious about their physical appearance due to their rapid physical changes.
  4. The physical changes in both girls and boys develops a feeling of attraction towards the opposite sex during adolescence.
  5. During adolescence, adolescents also start developing cognitively and start attaining maturity.
  6. Adolescence is the period when individuals start becoming career conscious and focus on their careers.
  7. Adolescence is a period of identity crisis and identity search. Adolescents aim to have individuality and develop their identity.
  8. Imagination is heightened during adolescence due to which the aims set by adolescents tend to be more idealistic than realistic.
  9. Adolescence is also a period of hero worship. They tend to look up to someone who inspires them.
  10. During the adolescence period, adolescents exhibit high moral values and participate in social services.