Need and Importance of Educational Guidance Services in Schools 


Guidance is an instruction or direction given by an experienced person to an individual to help them overcome their difficulties. According to Bernard and Fullmer,

“Guidance is all those activities which promote an individual’s self-realisation.”

The modern education system considers guidance as an integral part of the curriculum to ensure the all around development and well-being of the learners.

Need and Importance of Educational Guidance Services in Schools 

The need and importance of educational guidance services in schools are as follows:

Assessment Of Learner’s Abilities

Guidance is needed to assess the abilities, interests, potentialities, learning capacity,  and the like of the learners for their proper development and growth.

Educational Policies

The Secondary Education Commission (1952) and the Kothari Commission (1964-66) have stressed upon the importance of inclusion of guidance in the educational curriculum. Students can face a dilemma while choosing between subjects and proper guidance can help them make the right decision.

Future Planning

Proper guidance allows learners to discover their skills and abilities and make plans for their future. It enables them to accomplish their goals.

Decision Making

Making decisions can be tough and confusing. Guidance helps learners understand their needs and problems and helps them make effective decisions.


Guidance enables learners to discover their talents and abilities so that they can work on them. It enables them to improve these abilities into something valuable and worthwhile.

Solve Problems

The number of students in a school is increasing these days. Students may be facing multiple social, personal, emotional, psychological, and educational problems. Guidance can help learners to understand their problems and solve the same.

All-round Development

Guidance ensures the overall and all around development of all learners. It encourages the development of learners in social, personal, emotional, and other spheres.


In the light of the above mentioned points, it is evident that guidance is necessary in schools. Guidance services in educational institutions should be organized properly. Therefore, the school and teachers must ensure proper guidance is given to learners.

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