Adolescence Stage of Development Definition and Explanation 

Adolescence Age Meaning

The term adolescence is derived from the Greek word ‘adolescere’ meaning ‘to grow to maturity’. Adolescence is generally considered as the period between childhood and adulthood. The period begins from 12-13 years and lasts until 18-19 years. However, several psychologists have tried to define adolescence on their own terms.

According to Western psychologists, the adolescence stage is the teenage stage. It is often described as a transitional period where an individual goes through a wide number of physical and biological changes.  Changes occur in all dimensions of development. Depending on a country’s socio-economic condition, the onset of adolescence in different cultures may vary.

Definitions of Adolescence

“The age of great ideals and the beginning of theories as well as the time of simple adaptation of reality.”

Jean Piaget

“Adolescence may be defined as the transition period between childhood and adulthood.”


“The process of physical and psychosocial rebirth.”

G. Stanley Hall

“Adolescence is a distinct phase of the developmental life cycle in humans and other animal species.”

Elliot and Feldman

“Adolescence is that span of years during which boys and girls move from childhood to adulthood, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically.”

A.T. Jerslid

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