Developmental Pattern during Adolescence 

Adolescence Definition

Adolescence is a period of transition in which a child develops into an adult.

According to A.T. Jerslid, “Adolescence is that span of years during which boys and girls move from childhood to adulthood, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically.”

Developmental Pattern during Adolescence 

The developmental patterns during adolescence is as follows:

Physical Development

Adolescence is a period of rapid physical growth and there are physical changes in terms of both height and weight. The growth during this period may not be proportional. Sex glands or reproductive organs start functioning. Teachers should be able to give learners a scientific explanation behind this growth and rapid physical changes to help them understand these baffling changes.

Emotional Instability

During adolescence, emotions are highly unstable due to which at times, individuals may be highly active while at other times, they can be extremely lazy. Adolescents struggle with fitting in and become conscious of the environment surrounding him or them.

Sex Consciousness

Sexual maturity develops during adolescence and this development occurs in three stages:


Adolescents become conscious of their appearance and start focusing on the way they dress and the way they appear.


Adolescents start developing an attraction towards the opposite sex.


Adolescents start forming passionate and deep friendships with same-sex members.

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