Discuss the Nature and Characteristics of Guidance and Counselling 

Guidance and Counselling 

The guidance refers to the advice given by an experienced person to solve a problem. It is the advice or solutions given by experts or superiors to an individual to overcome a difficult situation. Counseling is the advice or help given by a professional counselor to a counselee to help them overcome their personal or psychological difficulties.

Nature and Characteristics of Guidance and Counselling

  1. It helps individuals to recognize their potential and enhance it.
  2. It helps individuals to have a better understanding of the world around them, process the realities of the world, and have a more realistic perception of the same.
  3. It helps individuals to solve problems related to the vocational, personal, and educational aspects of their life effectively.
  4. It helps individuals to become responsible members of the society and to contribute their best for the growth of the society.
  5. It helps individuals to be aware that life is difficult for everyone and enables them to live a balanced life free of tension and stress.
  6. When individuals have various alternatives, guidance and counselling helps them to make the best decision.
  7. In life, changes are inevitable and guidance and counselling helps individuals to adapt and adjust to new changes in their life.
  8. It helps individuals to get a better understanding of the self by enabling them to learn more about their interests, abilities, intelligence levels, and more.
  9. It prepares individuals for the world of work by giving them accurate and helpful information about the working front.
  10. It enables people to have the ability and means to fulfil their needs in an effective manner.