Importance of Guidance and Counselling in Education


Guidance and counselling is a form of advice given to an individual to solve their difficulties. It enables individuals to have a better understanding of the self. According to Bernard and Fullmer,

“Guidance is all those activities which promote an individual’s self-realization.”

According to Webster’s Dictionary

“Counselling means consultation, mutual interchange of opinion, deliberating together.”

Guidance and counselling allows individuals to receive advice and information for their career. It allows one to develop good habits and avoid undesirable attitudes.

Importance of Guidance and Counselling

The importance of guidance and counselling in education are as follows:

  1. The Secondary Education Commission (1952) and the Kothari Commission (1964-66) have stressed upon the importance of inclusion of guidance in the educational curriculum. Students can face a dilemma while choosing between subjects and proper guidance can help them make the right decision.
  2. There is a growth in the number of students in a school these days. Students may be going through numerous social, personal, emotional, psychological, and educational problems. Guidance and counselling can help to understand their problems and solve the same.
  3. There is a rise in the number of dropouts in the modern age. Dropping out of education midway can waste the financial resources invested till date. These dropouts can be caused due to a bad choice of subjects or family issues. Guidance can help learners solve these issues.
  4. Indiscipline seems to be increasing among students in the modern age. Students find it easy to damage properties or get into conflicts. Hence, guidance is needed to eliminate these issues.
  5. Guidance and counselling ensures the overall and all around development of all learners. It encourages the development of learners in social, personal, emotional, and other spheres.
  6. There may be gifted children in all educational institutions. The general curriculum may not suit their convenience due to which guidance and counselling is needed to guide their educational journey.
  7. Guidance and counselling allows learners to recognize their potential and abilities and help them enhance the same.

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