Need and Importance of Guidance and Counselling to the Learner 


The guidance refers to the advice given by an experienced person to solve a problem. According to Honarins,

“Guidance means helping John to see through himself in order that he may see himself through.”

Counselling is the process of talking therapy provided by a professional counsellor to a counselee. According to Ruth Strang,

“Counselling is a face to face relationship in which growth takes place in the counsellor as well as the counsellee.”

Guidance and counselling enable individuals to recognise their abilities and develop the same due to which it plays an important role in education.

Need and Importance of Guidance and Counselling

The need and importance of guidance and counselling to the learner are as follows:

Choice of Subjects

In school, learners have to study various subjects for all-around development. As they reach higher classes, they have to choose from a wide variety of subjects which may confuse them. Guidance and counselling, therefore, help them to choose the right subjects.

Goal Accomplishment

Guidance and counselling functions on the basis of motivation and empowerment. Therefore, it encourages individuals to follow their goals and accomplish them.

Peace and Harmony

The academic institutions of the modern age are diverse with learners belonging to different social categories. Guidance and counselling encourage the development of cooperation among learners to enable them to live in peace and harmony.

Responsible Citizens

Guidance and counselling enable learners to develop good habits and moral values that help them become responsible citizens.

Contribution to Society

Guidance and counselling help individuals to recognize their potentialities and turn them into helpful skills that can be contributed to the welfare of society.

Vocational Interests

Guidance and counselling also help learners to discover their vocational interests and abilities to improve the same. These abilities may include computer learning, handcraft training, culinary, etc.

Career Selection

Guidance and counselling also enable learners to select the right professional field in which they can progress their career by helping them choose the right courses and the right opportunities.


In conclusion, it can be evidently said that guidance and counselling plays an important role in a learner’s life as it paves the way for the learner to achieve the most he or she can such as career choice, making use of talents and potential. This way, it assists the learner in many ways.