What is the Meaning, Characteristics, Need and Importance of Sampling Method in Research Methodology

What is the Meaning, Characteristics, Need and Importance of Sampling Method in Research Methodology

Sampling method is selecting a group of people from a population to gather information on a particular topic or product. It is gathering maximum information of a population without surveying every member from it. Sampling method will help in acquiring reliable informationwhile making it convenient. 

Characteristics of Sampling Method 

i. The goal and objectives should be for clear. 

ii. The sample should be accurate of the population. 

iii. It should be free from biases and error free. 

iv. The sample should be economical and time convenient. 

Need of Sampling Method 

i. It makes collecting data easier in a large population.

ii. It is cost- effective, time-efficient, manageable and practical. 

iii. It will help in surveying a manageable number of the population. 

Importance of Sampling Method

Saves Times:

It is a difficult task to contact each person in a population. Sampling method will help in surveying only few members of the population. This will make the work of researchers lot faster and save a lot of time. 

Save Money: 

Sampling method is budget friendly. The cost of gathering people and collecting data will cost lower. 

Collect Reliable Data 

Sampling method will help in collecting richer data than contacting everyone in a population. The researcher will be able to ask more questions by contacting a lesser population. 


Sampling method is used mainly when it is impossible to surveying the whole population. The sample must be the representation of the population the researcher has gathered information from. Sampling will help the researcher get significant research result. Sampling method produces results relatively faster and is less expensive. There are different types of sampling methods. The researcher needs to choose and use the sampling method that will be most relevant for his/her research.

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