Meaning, Nature, Need, and Scope of Educational Research


In today’s competitive world education has been an important tool. Unlike, before times today everyone in a family has a basic education. Moreover, if a person needs to be hired for a job they require a good education and excellence in that field of study. Education nowadays is not limited to knowledge, a good education affects the development of a person in all aspects.

The term educational research comes under the field of education. It is the deep analysis of a particular subject to prove or find in the field of education. To put it in defined words, it is a method to solve challenges in the field of studies using empirical methods. As we all know, today it is a branch of education that refers to a better understanding of the field. It aims on improving the efficiency of the field of subject. There is numerous definition stated by the authors:

  • According to Mulay -“Any study designed to promote the development of education as a science.”
  • Crawford states the term- “as a systematic study and technique of thinking and using tools to obtain an appropriate solution.”
  • Good coins the term as –“the study and investigation in the field of education.”
  • W.M Traverse defines it- “as an activity that is directed towards the development of the science of behavior in educational situations.”

The Nature of Educational Research

The Nature of Educational Research is quite clear from the definition. It is empirical, systematic, and general understanding. The main purpose of educational research is to gain knowledge and solve challenges. It can be done in two methods qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative is centers on the understanding of human behaviors and the reasons behind them. On the other hand, Quantitative centers on a scientific quest that is done through experiments and other methods. There are three tools used- scientific tool, empirical nature of science, and hypotheses. Additionally, we can say that educational research is interdisciplinary. Educational research does not rely on assumptions but only on empirical, scientific research and proofs. The core four natures to list out are as follows

Empirical study

It is a study where conclusions are drawn only out of evidence. It is a step-by-step process. Only verified evidence is taken into count. In today’s world, empirical study in the field of education research plays a vital role.

Systematic study

Only an up-to-date study with a well-constructed and good foundation. It mainly examines the cause and effect. It improves the efficiency of study. Only this kind of study is employed in educational research for better results.


As mentioned before, only a reliable source will be taken into account for educational research. Three principles come in under-stability, consistency, and equivalence.


It is a method to measure what is needed to measure in educational research. There should be a core method to cross-check all kinds of information one such method is validity. To check the information based on its validity from all angles.

The Need for Educational Research

  1. The need for educational research is indeed an important question that should be asked. To look closely we can say that there are numerous needs in this field.
  2. There are mainly three needs of educational research- Personality development, solving problems, and solving complexity.
  3. Education provides overall development of a person. Personality is one of them, there is always a difference between an educated and uneducated person. Their personality has drastic difference in nature.
  4. The main aim of educational research is to solve the problem or the challenge they face. In today’s world educational research is one of the main tools to solve a problem in the field of education.
  5. Another aspect is solving the complexity, numerous complex things in the contemporary world that can be mostly solved using the methods of educational research.
  6. It turns a complex problem into a simple one.

Scope of Educational Research

There is numerous scope of educational research, as mentioned before the main aim of educational research is to solve pedagogical problems. Some of the scopes are:

Educational psychology

Today as we all know that psychology has paved the way by introducing various theories that are useful for designing and developing effective learning in a classroom.

Philosophy of education

Education and philosophy go hand in hand; therefore, there are similar areas of education like the need for a philosophy of education, history of education, and so on.

Curriculum developer

When you have more knowledge in one field automatically this enables you to make and construct a curriculum for a particular subject. Also, it enables you to give a suggestion that needs to be added to the textbook for learners.

Teacher educator

This is a known field to everyone. You can teach people in the field you have been expertise. Mostly it would be college or university students. Today educational researchers can only be a professor in India.

Educational test developer

Assessments are an integral part of education. To have an assessment, there need to be experts in the field to construct competent questions to challenge the young energized minds and brains.

Guidance and counseling

Without guidance, it is not possible to reach the heights of a field of subject. Today lot of researchers guide and counsel young aspirants so they don’t lose track.

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