Need, Importance and 5 Sources of Review of Related Literature in Educational Research

Need, Importance and 5 Sources of Review of Related Literature in Educational Research

Educational research means the organized collection and examination of the data related to education. It is a scientific study that examines the learning and teaching methods for better understanding of the education system. It is an observation and investigation in the field of education. Research is done in search of new knowledge or to use the existing knowledge in a better way. It helps to acquire useful knowledge and solve the challenges faced in education. Research tries to get a better understanding of education. 

Literature review means the overview of the works published previously on a subject matter. It is the summary of the work done by other authors on a topic. Literature review will help a researcher in understanding how to carry on the research and what needs to be covered. 

Need of Reviewing Related Literature 

i. Avoid repetition and duplication of the study.

ii. Find out the gaps in research.

iii. Identify the additional research needed to be done.

iv. Gain extensive knowledge on a particular topic. 

v. Help understand what has already been covered about a topic and the findings need to be done for future research. 

Importance of Review of Related Literature

i. Help researchers to understand their topic of interest in-depth. 

ii. Help to identify the gaps uncovered by previous authors on a topic and collect relevant data.

iii. Get an understanding of how to carry on the research. 

Five Sources to Review Related Literature 

Scholarly Journal Articles

Journal articles are an important source of literature review. It helps to understand how to carry out the research and the findings to be done.

Government websites

To collect statistical data, government websites can be very beneficial as it can provide a lot of information. Government websites are another important source of literature review. 

Academic books 

Academic books consist of works written by several authors. It contains original work which will be very helpful in literature review. 

Conference pages

Conference and seminar reports are also an important source of literature review to understand the thoughts of authors and works previously published in a field of study. 


Libraries contain numerous books and works on a topic by different authors. Plenty of information and facts can be obtained from this source of literature review. 

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