What are the Types, Similarities and Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paradigms 

What are the Types, Similarities and Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paradigms

Educational research means the organized collection and examination of the data related to education. It is a scientific study that examines the learning and teaching methods for better understanding of the education system. It is an observation and investigation in the field of education. Research is done in search of new knowledge or to use the existing knowledge in a better way. It helps to acquire useful knowledge and solve the challenges faced in education. Research tries to get a better understanding of education.

Qualitative research deals with words. The data is collected by communicating with individuals with questions related to the subject matter being researched. This way the researcher will get an idea of what people think and why they think differently on the same topic. 

Qualitative research deals with numerical values and measurements for finding answers. It is done to check if some assumptions and theories are true or not. 

Types of Educational Research 

Qualitative Research 

i). Interviews: Asking questions to participants by directly interacting with them and asking open-ended questions. 

ii). Focus groups: A discussion is done with a group of people to understand each person’s opinion and views on a subject matter which will be useful for further research.

Quantitative Research

i). Surveys: Closed questions or multiple choice questions are made by the researcher and sent to participants to get their responses. It can be filled online or in person.

ii). Observations: The researcher tries to find answers by observing subjects in the natural environment. 

iii). Experiments: Variables are controlled to form cause-effect relationships. 

Similarities between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • i. Both qualitative and quantitative are methods of doing research.
  • ii). Both are measurement tools as it is used to collect data and measure results. 
  • iii). Both are used to analyze and test the data collected. 

Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research 

  • i). Qualitative research collects data expressed in words and qualitative research expressed in number and graphs. 
  • ii). There are less respondents needed in qualitative research and many respondents in quantitative research. 
  • iii). Qualitative research has open-end questions and quantitative research has closed questions. 
  • iv). Qualitative research is used for understanding concepts and thoughts whereas quantitative research is used to a hypothesis. 
  • v). Qualitative research has a subjective approach and quantitative research has an objective approach.

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