Components, Types, Characteristics, Importance and Preparation of Research Proposal

Components, Types, Characteristics, Importance and Preparation of Research Proposal

A research proposal is a structured and formal document of a research project. It explains what needs to be researched, the questions to be addressed, why the research is required, and how to investigate. The main purpose of a research proposal is to conceive the readers that the research suitable. The research proposal must be concise and well-structured for themessage to be passed across clearly. Preparation of research proposal is essential as it indicates the quality and importance of the project. 

Components of Research Proposal 

i. The Title 

A title should be unique, concise and easily understandable. The title must give the readersclear idea what the project is about. 

ii. Introduction 

Explain briefly what the research topic is about and the background of the project work. 

iii. Objectives of the research

The objective must explain the aims of the study. Objectives will give a clear idea about how to achieve the aims of the research. 

iii. Literature Review 

Look at the previous works by different authors on the same topic and gather relevant literature.

iv. Limitations of the study  

The researcher must look into what is lacking on the previous works on the same topic and try to fill in the gaps in the study. 

v. Bibliography 

This lists down all the sources from where the researcher has taken references for his work. 

Types of Research Proposal 

i. Solicited Proposals 

It is written in response to a specific call in cases of Request for Proposals (RFP), or Request for Quotations (RFQ).

ii. Unsolicited Proposals 

Proposals submitted that had not provided a specific solicitation. 

Characteristics of Research Proposal 

i. The research problem must stated and defined clearly.

ii. It must address the important questions related to the topic.

iii. The audience must be analysed carefully. 

iv. The tone used should be sensible and reasonable. 

Importance of Research Proposal 

i. It helps the researcher to plan how to move forward with the research. 

ii. It serves as a guide to the researcher throughout the research. 

iii. It will be less time-consuming as the researcher already has idea about the next steps of the research.

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