Process of Formulation and Testing of Hypothesis in Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Process of Formulation and Testing of Hypothesis in Qualitative and Quantitative Research

A hypothesis is used for explaining a phenomenon. Hypothesis is essential to discover cause-and-effect relationships. It provides direction for research and prevents from collecting unnecessary and useless data. 

A hypothesis states what findings are going to be done through the research. It guides data collection and interpretation. It helps in designing the research and what results can be expected. It is helpful in acquiring useful and relevant data. It helps in doing valid and reasonable research. It helps in data analysis and interpretation. It is helpful for discovering relationships between variables and theoretical guidelines. 

Formulating a Hypothesis 

Formulating a hypothesis needs earlier evidence and should be testable. The hypothesis should be stated clearly and briefly for readers to understand it easily. To develop a hypothesis, the researcher needs to have an extensive and broad knowledge on the topic and look deeply into the past articles and journals on the same topic. The researcher should be able to limit the problem while formulating the hypothesis.

Qualitative Research 

Qualitative research deals with words. The data is collected by communicating with individuals with questions related to the subject matter being researched. This way the researcher will get an idea of what people think and why they think differently on the same topic. 

Qualitative research collects data expressed in words.  This research is used for understanding concepts and thoughts. Qualitative research has open-end questions and there are less respondents needed in it. Qualitative research has a subjective approach.  

Quantitative Research 

Quantitative research deals with numerical values and measurements for finding answers. It is done to check if some assumptions and theories are true or not. 

Quantitative research is expressed in numbers and graphs. The research is used to test a hypothesis. Quantitative research deals with closed questions and many respondents are there in it. Quantitative research has an objective approach.

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