What are the Ethical Issues in Educational Research with its Importance  

What are the Ethical Issues in Educational Research with its Importance  

Ethics in educational research is an essential element. It helps children in getting better understanding of ethical standards, policies, and issues and improve ethical judgment. Ethics shape our social behaviour and adopt good manners within us . It teaches to treat everyone with respect and compassion. Ethics guides people in speaking the truth, keeping promises,helping others and treating everyone with equality. Research ethics will direct the researchersabout standards of conduct. To protect the dignity and rights of researchers it is crucial to abide by the principles of ethics. 

Ethical issues in Educational Research 

Some of the ethical issues in educational research are as follows: 

i. Social Inequity

One of the biggest ethical issues is social inequity. Educational institutions fails to address problems due to inequalities between children because of their economic, social, and family backgrounds. 

ii. Social Diversity

Educational institutions should encourage social diversity such as children from different culture and religion. Students that belong to minorities and diverse backgrounds should not feel left out. Schools should arrange multicultural festivals and ethnic sports to make such students feel belonged with the majority. 

iii. Special Treatment

Teachers should not be biased or partial towards some children over the others. Treating some students better in comparison to others can be a bigger problem than thought. This is another important ethical issues that need to be addressed by educational institutions.

Importance of Ethical Issues in Educational Research 

The importance of ethical issues in research are the following: 

i. It helps in expanding of knowledge in every field. 

ii. It encourages values of trust, respect and equality in group projects. 

iii. It provides better understanding of ethical standards and judgements. 

iv. Promotes moral and social values such as human rights, social responsibility, animal welfare, etc. 

v. Helps in getting the support of public such as funding of research.

vi. Encourage to follow honesty and integrity in all spheres of life.

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