Educational Research Concept and Process in Education

Educational Research Concept and Process in Education

Educational research means the organized collection and examination of the data related to education. It is a scientific study that examines the learning and teaching methods for better understanding of the education system. It is an observation and investigation in the field of education. Research is done in search of new knowledge or to use the existing knowledge in a better way. It helps to acquire useful knowledge and solve the challenges faced in education. Research tries to get a better understanding of education.

Process of Educational Research 

The steps of educational research includes:

Identifying the problem 

Finding out what is the issue in the subject matter that is going to be researched and why is it necessary to do so. 

Literature Review 

Looking at the past findings and suggestions on the same subject matter by other researchers. This will help to understand how the research was done, what had already been found before and what is the current relevant information on the same matter. 

Defining a Purpose 

Describing why the research is being done on the specific subject matter. Listing down its aims, objectives and purpose for doing so. Identifying questions to provide answers for it.

Designing the Study

There are three types of research methods- Quantitative research, Qualitative research, and Mixed methods research. 

Qualitative Research

It means the data is collected by communicating with individuals with questions related to the subject matter being researched. This way the researcher will get an idea of what people think and why they think differently on the same topic. 

Qualitative Research

It deals with numerical values and measurements for finding answers.

Mixed Methods Research

It is the combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods to do research. 

Analyzing and Interpreting the Data 

After all the data has been collected, it is analyzed to check if all the findings are correct. This step removes any unnecessary and irrelevant data. The data is prepared in an organized way. The results are interpreted for significance. 

Reporting the Research 

The final step includes making the research available to the audience by publishing it. 


Educational research is done to bring better solutions in the field of education. It aims to provide better teaching and learning techniques which will help in the overall development of children. Research is essential to give the best education to children. It provides them with useful and reliable knowledge and facts making education more effective.

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