Different Areas of Educational Research B.ED M.ED Notes

Educational research means the organized collection and examination of the data related to education. It is a scientific study that examines the learning and teaching methods for better understanding of the education system. It is an observation and investigation in the field of education. Research includes several methods to collect data. The research is done to acquire useful knowledge and solve the challenges faced in education. It tries to get a better understanding of education.

Definitions of Educational Research

1. “The final purpose of educational research is to ascertain principles and develop procedures for use in the field of education.”- Munroe

2. “Any systematic study designed to promote the development of education as a science can be considered educational research.”- Mulay

3. “Educational research is a systematic and refined technique of thinking, using special tools in order to obtain a mere adequate solution of a problem.”- Crawford

4. “Educational research is the study and investigation in the field of education.”- Good

5. “Educational research is that activity which is directed towards development of a science of behaviour in educational situations. The ultimate aim of such a science is to provide knowledge that will permit the educator to achieve his goals by the most effective methods.”- J. W. Best

6. “Educational research is that activity which is directed towards the development of science of behaviour in educational situations.”- W. M. Traverse

Different areas of Educational Research 

  • 1. Primary, secondary and higher levels of teacher education. 
  • 2. Evaluating the teaching and learning methods. 
  • 3. Political and sociological aspects of education. 
  • 4. Modern issues of education such as equality, peace and human rights. 
  • 5. Development of the Curriculum with changing times.
  • 6. Psychological, philosophical and environmental aspects of education.
  • 7. Search for solutions to unsolved issues related to education. 
  • 8. Women education and child development. 
  • 9. Usage of new educational technologies to make teaching interesting. 
  • 10. Leadership and management education. 


Educational research is done to bring better solution in the field of education. It aims to provide better teaching and learning techniques which will help in the overall development of children. Research is essential to give the best education to children. It provides them with useful and reliable knowledge and facts making education more effective.