Types of Research Problem and Question in Research Methodology

Types of Research Problem and Question in Research Methodology

Educational research means the organized collection and examination of the data related to education. It is a scientific study that examines the learning and teaching methods for better understanding of the education system. It is an observation and investigation in the field of education. Research is done in search of new knowledge or to use the existing knowledge in a better way. It helps to acquire useful knowledge and solve the challenges faced in education. Research tries to get a better understanding of education.

A research problem looks at areas of concern, such as difficulties that can be removed or a condition that can be improved. 

Types of Research Problem

1. Relational Research Problem

Relational research problem looks into the relationship between two or more variables. It tries to identify the characteristics and qualities that make them similar.

2. Casuist Research Problem

Casuist research problem looks into what is right and what is wrong by careful examination of cases. It tries to identify the nature of cause-and-effect relationships. 

3. Descriptive Research Problem

Descriptive research problem deals with the question “what is ?” It tries to explain an event or situation and discover new studies. 

Question in Research Methodology

Types of research questions are: 

Qualitative research 

Qualitative research deals with words. The data is collected by communicating with individuals with questions related to the subject matter being researched. This way the researcher will get an idea of what people think and why they think differently on the same topic. Types of qualitative research questions are:

i. Exploratory Questions:

These are types of questions to help understand the topic more properly. 

ii. Predictive Questions:

These questions take help of past information to understand the future reactions and events better. 

iii. Interpretive Questions:

These questions try to get feedback from a group with shared experiences. 

Quantitative research 

Quantitative research deals with numerical values and measurements for finding answers. It is done to check if some assumptions and theories are true or not. Types of quantitative research questions are:

i. Descriptive Questions:

It deals with questions such as when, why, how and where of an event or phenomenon.

ii. Comparative Questions:

Comparative questions are beneficial in studying groups with dependable variables.

iii. Relationship-Based Questions

This type of question is used to understand how one variable has an affect or influence on another variable. 


Research is done to bring better solutions in the field of education. It aims to provide better teaching and learning techniques which will help in the overall development of children. Research is essential to give the best education to children. It provides them with useful and reliable knowledge and facts making education more effective.