Definition, Identification and Evaluation of Research Problem with its Importance

Definition, Identification and Evaluation of Research Problem with its Importance

A research problem looks at areas of concern, such as difficulties that can be removed or a condition that can be improved. It helps to identify the approach that needs to be taken during the research. 

According to Kerlinger,

“A problem is an interrogative sentence or statement that asks what relation exists between two or more variable. The answer to question will provide what is having sought in the research.”

In the words of R.S. Woodworth, a problem is

“a situation for which we have no ready & successful response by nature or by previous acquired habit. We must find out what to do’, i.e. the solution can be found out only after an investigation.”

Identification of Research Problem 

Identify the topic of interest to do research and get a wide understanding of the problem. Identify the root of the problem before starting the research. 

Evaluation of Research Problem 

After choosing the research topic, the problem needs to be evaluated and seen that it is appropriate for doing the research. Evaluation will help in doing systematic and organized research. 

Importance of Research Problem 

The importance of a research problem are: 

i. It states what findings are going to be done through the research. 

ii. It guides data collection and interpretation. 

iii. It helps in designing the research and what results can be expected. 

iv. It is helpful in acquiring useful and relevant data. 

v. It helps in doing valid and reasonable research. 

vi. Helps to have clarity in research and understand the research process in a better way.


Research brings better solutions in the field of education. It’s done in search of new knowledge or to use the existing knowledge in a better way. It aims to provide better teaching and learning techniques which will help in the overall development of children. Research is essential to give the best education to children. It provides them with useful and reliable knowledge and facts making education more effective.