What are the most effective climate change organisations and Conferences?

Climate change means the climatic imbalance due to rise in temperatures. Climate change is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The increasing amount of release of these gases has lead to high heating from the sun. Both global warming and climate change describes the changes in the earth’s climate due to some human activities. Climate change leads to uneven and unpredictable weather patterns. 

Effective Climate Change Organisations 

There are many organisations and conferences that have been set up to reduce climate change and its effects. The most effective climate change organisations are:

• UN Environment 

UN Environment is a leading organisation fighting for climate change. Its aim is to care and protect the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling countries and people to improve their life without that of younger generations to come. UN Environment has joint hands with public and private sectors, civil society and other international organisations globally to save the environment. 


UNFCCC stands for United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change and is the parent treaty of the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreement. The Paris Agreement mainly aims for global average temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius and to put efforts in further reducing the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. 


SELC which stands for Southern Environmental Law Center is a strong platform thataims for clean water, clean air, and a liveable climate. The organisation aims to preserve natural resources and rich biodiversity so that people can live in a healthy environment. 


POW stands for Protect Our Winters which aims in protecting the environment we live and fight climate change. This organisation brings together athletes, scientists, businessman, and creatives to safeguard the environment. 

POW had stated “In the future we envision, the world embraces renewable energy, electric transport, breakthrough technologies, and market policies to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century. We drive to crags, trailheads, and renewably-powered ski areas in zero-emission vehicles; innovation decouples carbon from economic growth; and elected officials from all parties, at all levels of government, make addressing climate their top policy priority”.

Effective Climate Change Conferences 

The most effective conferences to fight climate change are as below: 

• The United Nations Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (1972)

The Stockholm conference was the first environmental conference held in 1972. The UN conference which had taken place on 5th June is now celebrated as World Environment Day. The Stockholm Declaration stated 26 principles on development and the environment where counties for the first time accepted their responsibility towards the environment at a global platform. 

• The 1st World Climate Conference (1979)

The First World Climate Conference was assembled in 1979 at Geneva, Switzerland,by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and other big organisations jointly. Experts discussed issues as to what causes of man made and natural factors lead to climate change, how the future would look like, and all the other important topics related to climate change. The main motive of WCC-1 was to research about climate change to gather information and knowledge on it. 

• The Rio Summit (1992)

The Rio Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the year 1992 which saw the biggest gatherings of the world leaders then. It dealt with sustainable developmentand being environment conscious to overcome issues of climate change. The summit addressed governments globally to re-examine their economic decisions and projects keeping environmental effects in mind. The Rio Summit played a significant role in lessening of climate change at that time. 

• The Millennium Summit (2000)

The Millennium Summit took place with the largest gathering of leaders from around the world. This successful summit of 2000 established eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Millennium Declaration. The declaration was a document containing objectives and agenda for the 21st century.