Difference between local and global environmental issues

Environmental issues means harmful effects on the environment due to human activities. The various practices of humans have polluted our ecology with several environmental issues. Environmental issues occurs at three levels which are: local, regional, and global issues. We will look into the differences between local and global environmental issues. 

Local environmental issues are those factors that affects a country’s environment. Global environmental issues are those factors that has an impact on the environment around the globe. 

Local Environmental Issues 

The local environmental issues, i.e., those issues that are harmful for our nation are: 

• Waste Disposal 

Every area should have a proper way of waste management and disposal. We need to keep our hometown clean just like our home not so for outsiders or to attract tourists but for our own well-being too. Improper management of waste harms the environment and our health through water and air pollution.

• Water Scarcity 

Water is a basic necessity for every living being. There is no life without water it is required for several day to day human activities. We need water for washing, cooking, and drinking everyday. Therefore, we should save water and teach others to do so too. 

• Overpopulation

India has now overtaken China to become the highest populated country in the world as of April, 2023. This is a serious concern for our nations as higher the population, greater is the use of limited natural resources. Overpopulation causes several issues such as it restrains the economic growth, increases unemployment, poverty, andinequality. Population is not only a local issue but a global concern too. 

• Pollution 

Pollution is caused excessively by humans whether directly or indirectly through daily human activities. Land, air, water, noise, and soil pollution are the various forms of pollution caused by humans. Pollution is severely harmful for the environment, plants, animals and our health as it can cause several diseases in humans. Pollution is both a local and global environmental issue. 

• Deforestation

Deforestation means cutting down trees of our natural forest. It is the removal of trees for using that land for some other human purpose. Deforestation leads to severalenvironmental issues like destruction of natural forest, lose of biodiversity, and soil erosion. 

Global Environmental Issues 

Some of the global concerns affecting the environment are: 

• Global Warming 

Global warming is first and foremost issue around the world. Global warming is the long-term rise of the temperatures on the Earth’s surface. It is caused by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, and industrial release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. Some of the results of global warming are uneven weather patterns, rising of sea level, melting of glaciers, and early maturing of crops.

• Climate Change 

Climate change is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The increasing amount of release of these gases has lead to high heating from the sun. Climate change as well leads to unpredictable weather forecast, global temperature rise, melting of glaciers and many more.

• Use of Natural Resources 

Humans beings around the world are using natural resources at a great extent. Humans are greedy for resources, and sometimes consume even more than required. This is having a negative impact on the environment. The overuse and overexploitation of natural resources is leading to its cause quick depletion which is a serious global concern. 

• Overexploitation

Humans everywhere are exploiting animals in large number whether it is land or sea animals. The overexploitation of these animals is leading to the extinct of many rare species which should be look into seriously by every nation.