Political, Economic and Social aspects and Impacts of climate change in India

Political, Economic and Social aspects and Impacts of climate change in India

Climate change means the climatic imbalance due to rise in temperatures. Climate change is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The increasing amount of release of these gases has lead to high heating from the sun. Climate change is understood to be changes in earth’s climate due to some human activities. Climate change leads to uneven and unpredictable weather patterns. 

Political Aspects and Impacts 

The political aspects and impacts of climate change are as follows:

• Climate change first came to light as a political matter in the 1970s. 

• Climate change is a problem faced worldwide. Climate change is addressed as a a national and global issue to lesser the effects of climate change since 1990s .

• Youths around the globe have tried to raise awareness on climate change by holding some social movements

• Climate change is political as it is used in trade and business to turn up the economy. 

• Climate change has lead to political violence and is likely to increase more by the threat it possesses . 

• Climate change is used as a project projection. 

Social Aspects and Impacts

The social aspects and impacts of climate change can be understood as follows:

• Climate change is a social crisis in the sense that it leads to inequality on several levels.

• Climate change has mainly lead to inequality as the poor faces the biggest consequences while contributing the least to its occurrence. 

• Climate change has lead to events of food shortage, water issues, health effects, migration, livelihood insecurity, displacement of humans and animals, etc. 

• Inequality through climate change is bought between rich and poor countries, between developed and underdeveloped countries, between men and women, and people of different groups and ages. 

• Climate change impacts our society as it damages the infrastructure, harms financial markets, and disrupt national/global development. 

Economic Aspects and Impacts 

Some of the economic aspects and impacts of climate change are the following: 

• Climate change has a negative impact on the economy globally as well as it holds many risks. It leads to many damages and loss, and causes risks of financial stability.

• The high rise of temperatures due to climate change makes it unbearable for people to get out of their home, go to work, be productive and do their work effectively which harms the economy.

• The changing temperatures affects crops as it damages fertile lands and causes floods that reduce net crop yields ultimately leading to food chain disruption. It also causes early maturation of crops which is unhealthy for eating.

• Climate change has lead to high mortality rates as it causes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. 

• Climate change has resulted in rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, unpredictable weather conditions, etc which affects the ecosystem. 

• The frequent uneven weather patterns is one of the most severe effects of climate change as it results in hurricanes, storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, heatwaves, etc. 

• The causes of climate change has most impact on the poor countries as they are more vulnerable to its effects and their economy will suffer the most. People live in poverty and cannot work productively as it becomes unable to survive in the extremely hot weather.

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