Climate Change: Causes, Effects and Solutions 

climate change: causes, effects and solutions

Climate change is another huge impact on the environment by human activities. Climate change is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The increasing amount of release of these gases has lead to high heating from the sun. Both global warming and climate change describes the changes in the earth’s climate due to some human activities. Climate change leads to uneven and unpredictable weather patterns. Climate Change has become a major concern in the contemporary times which is leading towards more problems associated with it. There are various causes behind climate change. Moreover, the ignorance towards climate change can lead to more hazardous effects on human race as well as the living species.

Causes of Climate Change 

The causes of climate change are the following: 

• Greenhouse Gases 

The main reason of climate change is the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. The atmosphere absorbs heat radiated from the earth and reflects back into space which leads to the high rise of temperatures and changing climatic conditions. 

• Deforestation 

Deforestation is considered another major reason of climate change. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees and damaging our natural forest for some other human purposes. Even climate change causes deforestation by forest fires or forest blaze. Hence, afforestation should be encouraged. 

• Human Activities 

Various human practices like burning of fossil fuels and transportation such as cars, trains and ships releases CO2 which causes to climatic change. 

• Agriculture 

Agriculture is another factor impacting climate change. Agricultural activities also releases greenhouses gases hence, it also being one of the reasons of climatic imbalance. 

Effects of Climate Change 

The several effects of climate change are listed below: 

• Change in Rainfall Patterns 

Over the past years, the frequency of floods, droughts and heavy rainfall is more than ever. The unpredictably changing weather patterns has led to some areas experiencing excessive rainfall and some areas facing droughts the whole year. 

• Extreme Weather 

The frequent uneven weather patterns is one of the most crucial effects of climate change. The extreme weather leads to hurricanes, storms, floods, droughts, wildfires,heatwaves, etc. 

• Heat Waves 

The greenhouse gases released from industries, agricultural activities, and vehicles heat the earth’s atmosphere leading to extremely high temperature. This causes heat waves and the hot weather makes it hard for people to survive.

• Wildfires

The extreme hot and dry weather leads to wildfires in forests destructing the natural forests. These wildfires have also led to the death of many animals living in the forests and making some animals go extinct. 

• Shifting Habitat 

Deforestation, wildfires and heat waves have caused to the extinct of several species. Some animals migrate to other places and for some it gets difficult to survive in the continuous changing weathers leading to their extinction. 

Solution to Climate Change 

Some of the efficient solutions to climate change are as follows: 

• Reforestation 

Reforestation or afforestation means planting more trees. This can help to overcome the problems of changing climatic conditions. . 

• Using Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Vehicles are the most common form of transport done in various forms such as cars, buses and jeeps. People can go for fuel-efficient vehicles which will release less greenhouse gases to avoid the phenomenon of climate change. 

• Avoid Burning of Fossil Fuels 

Another effective solution to prevent the occurrence climatic changes is to avoid theburning of fossil fuels. Hence, it should be controlled and practiced in lesser numbers.

• Renewable Energies 

Renewable energies like wind, geothermal, and solar can be used instead of burning toxic chemicals that emits fossil fuels. Doing so will lower the occurrence of climatic imbalance.

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