Causes, Effects and Control Measures of Air Pollution and Water Pollution

Causes, Effects and Control Measures of Air Pollution

Air pollution is the release of harmful substances like smoke, dust, gases, particles, etc intothe air. It is any chemical, physical or biological changes due to release of pollutants in the air which is dangerous for humans, plants, animals and the environment. 

Causes of Air Pollution

Some of the major causes of air pollution are: 

• Factories and Industries

Factories and industries are the major cause of air pollution as it releases chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and organic compounds. This pollutes and degrades the quality of the air. 

• Automobiles

Another main cause of air pollution is by vehicles. Transportation is done everyday, everywhere in various ways. The gases emitted from vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, etc severely pollutes the air and the environment. 

• Mining Activities

In mining, the minerals are extracted from the earth’s surface using heavy and large equipments. The dust from the ground as well as other chemicals released makes the air extremely polluted. 

Effects of Air Pollution 

The main effects of air pollution are: 

• Global Warming

Global warming is the heating of the earth’s temperature. It is caused by activities burning of fossil fuels and industrial release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming has lead to uneven weather pattern, increase in sea level and melting of glaciers. 

• Diseases

Air pollution causes several diseases in humans like respiratory disorders and heart diseases, lung cancer. Children who are exposed to such areas are more prone to pneumonia and asthma. 

Measures of Air Pollution 

Some of the measures to avoid air pollution are:

• Avoid Using Vehicles

To completely avoid using vehicles is not possible as it is an essential and most common system of transport for humans. But it is possible to avoid at times when it isn’t very necessary, such as for short distances. People can opt for public modes of transport in such cases. 

• Use of Clean Energy Resources

Using solar, wind and geothermal energies greatly controls pollution of air. India along with many other countries are making the use of these resources for a cleaner and safer environment.

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