Explain the Causes, Effects and Control Measures of Noise pollution?

Noise pollution is unwanted sound that is loud and painful to the ears. Some sounds are soothing to the ears but some are unpleasant and undesirable which causes problems to the ears. The intensity of sound is measured in decibels (dB). The lowest sound a human ear can hear is 1 dB. Sound that is above 85 decibels is regarded as noise. Noise pollution can have harmful effects on human health, wildlife and the environment. 

Causes of Noise Pollution 

• Transport

Vehicles causes the main source of noise pollution. Vehicles honking unnecessarily and traffic noise by buses, trunks, cars, jeeps, etc creates excessive noise pollution. Trains and aircrafts also makes noise in amount that causes pollution. 

• Industrialisation 

Industrialisation requires the use of heavy machines like generators and mills which leads to making of noise pollution. 

• Construction 

Construction sites also makes use of heavy machines that is loud and annoying to the ears resulting in noise pollution. 

• Functions

Wedding, birthday parties and other events are celebrated with music using loudspeakers which releases unwanted noise and causes noise pollution. 

Effects of Noise Pollution

• Hearing Loss

Loud noise which is over the range that human ears can withstand can damage the eardrums which leads to hearing loss. 

• Sleeping Disorders

Loud music at night by neighbours or clubs nearby can hamper the sleep of an individual and lead to uneasiness and discomfort of mind and body. 

• Physiological and Psychological Effects 

Noise pollution can lead to increased blood pressure, effect the heart rate, headaches,insomnia, irritability, stress, etc in human beings. 

Control Measures of Noise Pollution 

• Vehicle owners should avoid using horns and honking unnecessarily in situations not required. 

• Party events should play music at a desirable volume which does not feel annoying to the ears and disturb the peace of others around. 

• Crackers which is bursted in large amounts during Diwali in India and to celebrate several events should be allowed till certain time and limited by the Government. 

• Industries that produce excess noise pollution should be constructed away fromschools, hospitals and living places.