Describe Need and Importance of Environmental Education

Scope and Objectives of environmental education at primary and secondary level

Environmental education means educating individuals about the environment and its ecosystems. Environmental education creates awareness about environmental issues among the youth and develop skills in them to protect the environment. Environmental education is an essential and important subject in school as our future and life depends on it. 

Scope of Environmental Education  

Environmental education is a vast subject covering several topics related to the environmentand its factors. Some of the important topics covered are: 

1. Climate change: Environmental education deals with the causes and effects of climate change. It provides measures on how to overcome the causes and lessen the dangers of climate change.

2. Forms of Pollution: Environmental education teaches about the various types of pollution such as air, water, noise, land and soil pollution. It states the causes of these pollution and provides steps on reducing it. 

3. Biodiversity: Environmental education deals the significance of biodiversity and promotes measures to conserve it. 

4. Conservation of resources: Environmental education deals with the protection and conservation of natural resources such as water, forests, and minerals.

Objectives of Environmental Educatio

Some of the objectives of environmental education are: 

1. Creating Awareness

The first objective of environmental education is to create awareness among individuals about the issues in our environment such as pollution and climate. Creating awareness about our environment encourages children to protect and conserve the environment. It will also make students aware about why it is necessary o protect the environment for their future and generations to come. 

2. Imparts Knowledge 

Environmental education focuses on imparting environmental related issues to the students. Knowledge of our environment is as important as any other subject. Environmental education educates children about the causes and effects of environmental issues and promotes measures to prevent the causes. 

3. Promotes Responsible Behaviour 

Environmental education makes children responsible towards their environment. Individuals will build positive attitude towards the environment and care for it to safeguard their future. 

4. Builds Community

Environmental education also builds a sense of community among individuals aseveryone is working towards achieving a common goal of protecting and conserving the mother nature.

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