10 advantages and disadvantages of solar energy and wind-power utilization UGC NET Notes

Solar Energy

Sun is one of the renewable energy resources that is essential for human life. The heat and light from the sun is used for several purposes converting it into other forms of energy. The generation of energy from the sun is called solar energy. The sunlight can be utilised by converting it into a useful energy with the installation of solar panels. 

Advantages of Solar Energy 

The advantages of solar energy are: 

• Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy as there is no presence of carbon dioxide. 

• It is a renewable resource as it is energy received from sun and is available indefinite. 

• It is an energy available in free so there is no cost for its usage. 

• Solar energy is a reliable energy as it can be stored in batteries. 

• It is non-pollutant and is safe for the environment .

• There is no noise caused or smell caused by solar energy. 

• Solar energy does not require much maintenance to keep solar cells operating. 

• Solar energy can also be used for cooking purposes and as power for technological purposes.

• Water heating and home heating are also useful purposes of solar energy. 

• Solar energy can be produced free of charge if a solar panel is installed. 

Disadvantages of Solar Energy 

The disadvantages of solar energy are the following: 

• Solar panels are not useful in cold and snowy places where winter is long and sees no sunlight.

• Solar panels do not prove to be of use in chilly, cloudy, rainy weather and at night. 

• The installation of a solar panel and its materials is expensive. 

• Solar panels acquire a large space so it takes up a lot of area which can be used for other activities. 

• The construction of solar parks has caused disputes in some places and its local residents. 

• The growth of solar energy is slow and has not resulted much in the increase of nation’s electricity output compared to the solars installed. 

• The setting up of solar parks is very expensive and requires a lot of money. 

• Solar parks requires a large area of land for its construction which can be a big challenge.

• It can also have difficulties of high transmission and distribution losses. 

• The building of solar parks means destruction of biodiversity. 

Wind Energy 

Wing energy is the kinetic energy produced from the atmospheric air. It is a renewable resource and is useful for several purposes. 

Advantages of Wind Energy 

The advantages of wind energy are the following:

• Wind Energy is a clean source of energy which is renewable. 

• It can be used for generating electricity in rural areas.

• The cost of operating it is low. 

• Wind turbines does not take up large spaces for its installation. 

• It does not have much effect on carbon footprint. 

• Windmills do not cause any disruption to farmers and for agricultural works. 

• It helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels which are harmful for the environment. 

• Wind energy contributes to sustainable development and provides energy in a sustainable way. 

• It provides opportunities for employment of local people and creates wealth. 

• Wind mills run on the power of wind and does not require any fuel for its running. 

Disadvantages of Wind Energy 

The disadvantages of wind energy are mentioned below:

• Wind turbines require the right intensity of wind to be used. 

• Windmills are very noisy which is why they should be build at isolated areas.

• Windmills also cause visual pollution. 

• It is only suitable for remote areas and does not generate much power. 

• Windmills can be a threat for birds and bats as it can injure or kill them during heavy winds and stormy weather. 

• The initial installation of these windmills is expensive. 

• As wind does not blow at the same direction and speed always and there is no consistency of the wind, it is hard to determine the amount of energy collected. 

• Wind turbines are not very reliable as they are unpredictable. 

• During windy and stormy weather, the wind turbines can be dangerous for people working nearby as the blades may fall off on them which can result in their death. 

• Wind turbines work only at certain locations where there is high speed of wind.