Impact of Nature and Nurture on Child Development B.Ed Notes


Nature means the influence of genes and the inherited characteristics whereas nurture refers to those factors that are influenced by the environment around you. Nature is determined by genes and hereditary factors whereas nurture is determined by environmental variables. Nature determines a person’s personality traits and physical appearance whereas nurture is determined by social relationships, culture, and childhood experiences.

Impact of Nature and Nurture on Child Development

The impact of nature and nurture on child development are as follows:

  1. Nature considers the physical aspects of an individual whereas nurture considers the environmental aspects of an individual and helps them develop the same.
  2. Nature and nurture influences an individual’s personality and environment seemingly plays a bigger role than genes in developing one’s personality.
  3. Nature is considered to be a little more significant than nurture since it determines a person’s individuality.
  4. Nurture has a big impact on how one experiences life since the environment an individual is surrounded by shapes their life experiences.
  5. Nature and nurture also impacts the learning process of a child and determines how fast they can acquire new knowledge.
  6. Nature and nurture also impacts the way children grow up to perceive the world.
  7. Nature and nurture also affects the different domains of development such as the affective domain, cognitive domain, and psychomotor domain.


Nature and nurture are two different terms who may share a certain resemblance but have different characteristics. However, they have a major impact on child development.

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