Impact of Home Language of Learner and Language of Instruction 

Importance of Language

Language teaching and learning is an extremely important process for the development of an individual. Without language learning, an individual will not be able to communicate effectively. Hence, it is important to know the impact of the home language of the learner on the language of instruction.

Impact of the Home Language

The impact of the home language of the learner on the language of instruction are as follows:

  1. The language the learners speak at home is crucial in assisting their learning of a new language.
  2. Their home language has the potential to improve the learner’s comprehension and understanding of another language.
  3. Home language makes it easier for the learners to learn another language and use it more effectively.
  4. The home language of a learner makes them more comfortable when they are learning another language.
  5. Instructors can make use of the learner’s home language to enable the learners to understand a new language.
  6. The learner’s performance is more likely to improve when they use their home language to learn another language.
  7. Home language motivates and gives confidence to the learner to learn a new language.


Children need to be motivated a lot for them to learn a new language and develop skills effectively. It is important to motivate children to learn a new language and try new experiences.

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