Internal and External Factors of Environment Affecting Language Teaching and Learning


Language teaching and learning is an extremely important process for the development of an individual. Without language learning, an individual will not be able to communicate effectively. Hence, it is important to know the factors that affect language learning and teaching.

Internal and External Factors Affecting Learning Teaching Process

The internal and external factors that affect language learning and teaching are as follows:


Children need to be motivated a lot for them to learn a new language and develop skills effectively. It is important to motivate children to learn a new language and try new experiences.

Family Environment

The family environment a child is raised in is an important factor and it should encourage them to learn a new language.


The experiences of learning a new language are also important for children as it affects their development. Hence, these experiences must be positive.


Learning is a continuous and lifelong process. It enables children to learn new language, knowledge, skills, and abilities which turns them into better individuals.


Heredity refers to the transmission of physical, emotional, cognitive, and other characteristics from parents to children. Heredity is responsible for determining how fast a child can acquire a language.

Learning Opportunities

The learning environment and opportunities a child is surrounded with can have a major influence in their language and cognitive development.


The language learning and teaching is also determined by the cultural beliefs and it can influence the development of language in learners.


These are few of the most important external and internal factors that affect language learning and teaching.