Meaning and Significance of Teaching Learning Process

Meaning of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning is a process that involves an instructor who imparts knowledge and learners who acquire the knowledge being imparted. M. Driscoll states that learning is,

“A persisting change in human performance or performance potential…[which] must come about as a result of the learner’s experience and interaction with the world.”

J B Hough and James K Duncan assert,

“Teaching is an activity with four phases, a curriculum planning phase, an instructing phase, and an evaluating phase.”

Significance of Teaching Learning Process

The significance of teaching learning process are as follows:

  1. Learning is extremely important to teaching. If the learners are not able to learn and acquire knowledge, teaching is considered to be ineffective. Hence, teaching and learning is a process that cannot exist without the other.
  2. The teaching learning process allows teachers to organize and improve their instructional skills and techniques to make teaching more effective.
  3. The teaching learning process allows instructors to refine, set up, and clarify their teaching objectives.
  4. The teaching learning process is important to learners because it helps them to acquire new knowledge which shapes them into responsible individuals and makes them ready to face the world.
  5. Learning is the key to education and it is the most important process of gaining education. Learning cannot happen without teaching hence, the teaching learning process is extremely significant.
  6. The teaching learning process makes learners aware of their goals and helps them to accomplish the same.
  7. The teaching learning process takes an individual’s beliefs, thoughts, needs, and experiences into account and turns them into individuals who can adapt to a changing environment.


Learning is the foundation of an individual’s development and it needs the aid of teaching to be effective. Teaching without learning, on the other hand, is ineffective. Hence, the teaching learning process is significant to learners as well as instructors. 

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