Teaching and learning is a process that is interconnected. One cannot take place without the other. E.A. Peel adds,

“Learning can be described as a change in the individual which takes place as a result of the environmental change.”

Jackson states,

“Teaching is a face to face encounters between two or more persons, one of whom ( teacher) intends to effect certain changes in the other participants ( students).”

Importance of Relevance in Learning and Teaching

The importance of relevance in learning and teaching in education are as follows:

  1. It is extremely important for instructors to make the topic being taught relevant to learners. It gives the learners an opportunity to connect with the topic and it allows the instructor to make the topic more interesting.
  2. Teachers are responsible for motivating the learners to learn and since learners are mostly bored to study, making the topic relatable to learners can be engaging for them.
  3. Relevance improves the quality of the teaching learning process to a great extent.
  4. Learners model themselves upon their teachers and therefore, giving them relevant examples can be effective.
  5. Relevance can enable the learners to realise the actual importance of acquiring knowledge.
  6. Relevance in teaching and learning enables learners to turn into responsible, self regulated, determined, and motivated learners.
  7. Relevance enables learners to understand the topic being taught with more clarity and effectively.


Schools and teachers are responsible for motivating the learners to learn and therefore, relevance can play a handy role in encouraging the learners.