Explain the Nature of Teaching Learning Process


Learning refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge through experience and study. It is the acquisition of new knowledge, understanding, skills, and behaviour. According to E.A. Peel,

“Learning can be described as a change in the individual which takes place as a result of the environmental change.”

Teaching is the process of teaching or giving instructions to another individual or person. It is the process of imparting knowledge. H C Morrison states,

“Teaching is an intimate contact between the more mature personality and a less mature one.”

Nature of Teaching Learning Process

The nature of teaching learning process is as follows:

Professional Activity

The teaching learning process is a professional activity where the student or learner receives guidance from a trained teacher.


The teaching and learning process involves a lot of communication and therefore, it is only successful when there is proper interaction between the learner and the teacher.

Interactive Process

The teacher gives information to the students and the learners acquire the information. The teaching process involves active interaction between the learner and the teacher.

Organized System

The teaching learning process takes place in an organized manner in a professional location.

Overall Development

The teaching learning process helps in the overall development of a learner.

Continuous Process

The teaching learning process is never ending and it takes place from birth to death. Hence, it is a continuous process.

Absence of Discrimination

In the teaching learning process, there is no discrimination of a person on the basis of race, color, sex, or any other criteria. It is a universal process.


Teaching and learning is a process and not a product. Learning takes place throughout one’s life even when they are not in school.

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