What is sociological perspective of education b.ed notes? Why do we need sociological perspective in education?

What is sociological perspective of education b.ed notes? Why do we need sociological perspective in education?

The sociological perspective is an approach to understanding human behaviour in a broader social context. C. Wright Mills referred to the sociological perspective as the intersection of biography (the individual) and history (social factors that influence the individual).

Education from sociological perspective mainly studies the relationship between society and education. It deals with the problems of relationship between the two fields. It looks into a society’s culture, values and norms. Its main focus is the use of sociological principles in education.

Need for Sociological Perspective in Education 

  • i. To transmit the beliefs, values, norms, culture, and religion followed since ages to the upcoming generations. 
  • ii. Make children understand their roles in the society and adopt it responsibly. 
  • iii. Instil discipline, obedience, and responsibility in citizens.
  • iv. Teach an individual to communicate properly and behave acceptably in the society. 
  • v. Change the attitude, mindset, thinking, and lifestyle of people with time.
  • vi. Teach children how to make thoughtful decisions and overcome the problems in their everyday life. 
  • vii. Make people aware of the societal norms and society’s expectations from them.
  • viii. To get rid of inequality, discrimination, injustice and poverty in society. 
  • ix. Teach children how to behave acceptably in the society and adopt positive intentions in them. 
  • x. To treat everyone equally and give equal opportunities to every individual irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, sex, religion, etc. 


Education is an important tool in the growth and development of a person and society. Education brings positive changes in individuals and society. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society.