Give the meaning for the word Education. Describe the social functions of education?

Give the meaning for the word Education. Describe the social functions of education?

Education is a powerful tool of social change. The necessary social changes are brought about through the existence of education. Education is necessary for every individual in life.It instills discipline and obedience in citizens. Education helps one in adopting acceptable behaviour and understanding their role in the society. One brings positive changes in themselves and the society by the education they receive. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and the basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society. The values, beliefs, culture, religion, etc that have been followed since generations are transmitted to the next through education. Through education, there is direction for positive change and development. 

In the words of Nelson, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ 

According to Francis j Brown,”Education is a process which brings about changes in the behaviour of the society.” 

Social functions of Education 

  • i. Change the attitude, mindset, thinking, and lifestyle of people with time. 
  • ii. Provide training, sharpen the knowledge and skills among the youth.
  • iii. Transmit the knowledge, beliefs, values, culture, religion, norms, and language followed since ages to the next generation. 
  • iv. Make individuals understand their role in the society and adopt it responsibly. 
  • v. Teach people to treat each other with respect and compassion.
  • vi. Teach an individual to communicate properly and behave acceptably in the society. 
  • vii. Sharpen the creativity power of humans which makes them innovative and leads to invention of modern technologies and helping in the advancement of society.
  • viii. Education is a powerful tool of social change. To bring the necessary social changes needed with time. 
  • ix. To treat everyone equally and give equal opportunities to every individual irrespective oftheir caste, creed, colour, sex, religion, etc. 
  • x. To get rid of inequality, discrimination, injustice and poverty in society. 


Education is a social necessity. It helps towards the development of society. Every society has its own way of living and practising things and one is able to learn their way of functioning in the society through education. This way the succeeding generations will be able to adopt the customs and values of their society and make it a part of their everyday life. Furthermore, education helps society and people in the development of each other.

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