Meaning, Definition, Nature and Characteristics of Value B.Ed Notes 

Meaning, Definition, Nature and Characteristics of Value B.Ed Notes

Values are taught and learned since a young age at home and school. It is a process of overall personality development of a student such as character, personality, and spiritual development. Values is a form of discipline and is essential for developing values like kindness, compassion and empathy in a person. Values prepare an individual for their future with the right set of values and attitude. Values inculcate good manners and behaviour in humans making them responsible citizens. Values also people to respect and tolerancedifferent cultures and religious faiths. 

Definitions of Values 

1. According to R.K. Mukherjee,

“Values are socially approved desires and goals that are internalized through the process of conditioning, learning or socialization and that become subjective preferences, standards, and aspirations”.

2. In the words of Zaleznik and David,

“Values are the ideas in the mind of men compared to norms in that they specify how people should behave. Values also attach degrees of goodness to activities and relationships”.

3. According to I. J. Lehner and N.J. Kube,

“Values are an integral part of the personal philosophy of life by which we generally mean the system of values by which we live. The philosophy of life includes our aims, ideals, and manner of thinking and the principles by which we guide our behaviour”.

Nature of Values 

Values shape an individual and their behaviour. It is necessary in the development of  a responsible individual. Values reflects a person and tells a lot about them. Values are necessary for the overall development of an individual such as character, personality, and spiritual development. Values develop a well-balanced individual with a strong character, values and teaches mannerism. It teaches people to help others in need and think from other person’s perspective. Moral values help people to be more selfless and considerate. Values make an individual understand what is good or bad, and, right or wrong in the society.

Characteristics of Values 

• Values are learned since an early age from family, friends, school, and other sources within the society.

• Values differ for each culture, religion and even person to person. 

• Values shape an individual’s character and personality.

• Through moral values people understand how to handle difficult situations and make the right decisions on their own.

• Values prepare’s an individual for their future and understand their purpose in life. 

• Values develop sensible and responsible citizens.

• Values influence a person’s behaviour and attitude. 

• Makes an individual understand to what is right, good, or desirable in the society.

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