What is the relationship between Values and Education ?

What is the relationship between Values and Education?

Values shape an individual and their behaviour. It is necessary in the development of a responsible individual. Education is a lifelong process of a child’s development and personality. Values reflects a person and tells a lot about them. That is why school plays a significant role in providing value-based education. Value-based education is necessary for the overall development of an individual. Teaching students good values will teach them tohelp others in need and think from other person’s perspective. Moral values help people to be more selfless and considerate. Values make an individual understand what is good or bad, and, right or wrong in the society. 

Meaning of Value-based Education 

Values and education are interconnected. Values are taught and learned since a young age at school. It is a process of overall personality development of a student such as character, personality, and spiritual development. Value education in school is a form of discipline and is essential for developing values like kindness, compassion and empathy in students.

Value-based education helps in the transmission of societal values. Value-based education prepares children for the future with the right set of values and attitude. Values inculcate good manners and behaviour in children making them responsible citizens. Values also teach students the tolerance and respect of different cultures and religious faiths.

Importance of Value-based Education 

• Value education directs the students in shaping their future.

• Make the students understand their purpose in life. 

• It teaches the students to become sensible and responsible citizens. 

• It helps in the personality and character development of the students. 

• Helps in building positive mind, attitude and behaviour in a child. 

• Teaches children to handle difficult situations and make the right decisions on their own. 

• Value education develops a positive view of life in the student’s mind.

• Help in developing a well-balanced individual with strong values and character.

Value based education helps in moulding the children positively. Hence, value education is important in school considering its benefits as it develops physical and emotional aspects, and teaches mannerism.

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